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Issues & Political Concerns


Community Economic Development

Economic Empowerment by

creating dedicated funding sources for CED projects within the 9th District.


Bringing in affordable housing development projects that reflect the district

Working toward greater housing stability in our neighborhood



Affordable Healthcare and Prescription Drug Access

Protecting Against Consumer Fraud and Financial Crimes


Expanding and developing usable green spaces, such as parks, community gardens, and bike lanes/paths

Enhancing our water management systems, such as sewers and flood control systems

Criminal and Social Reform

Providing economic and social opportunities to assist with successful community reentry


Increasing community-school partnerships to assist families and school children

Expanding ‘financial coaching’ within school curriculum in order to develop positive personal finance habits and foster the next generation of entrepreneurs

Protecting Healthcare Access

Working with state and private partners to restore access to community mental health centers

Ensuring a robust and diverse network of social providers exists to serve those in need in the district


Ensuring access to safe and affordable transportation options, including mass transit, bike lanes, and pedestrian walkways